USB Coffe-Warmer for Tula

I made a USB Coffee Warmer for my mother

1. a Peltier unit that i extracted from a mini-fridge that i found
2. a USB Cable
3. a metal can of Kalfany Coffee bonbons

the idea was to make my mother a coffee-cup warmer that she can plug into USB while working!

I used the help of this instructable : http://www.instructables.com/id/5-Mini-USB-Fridge!/

the fridge i found


the Peltier unit:

~~update: Finished!!!~~

after buying the Kalfany coffee bonbons metal box i longed for - and eating the bonbons as much as my fellow eaters could - i could combine the components!

pretty simple..: the paltier is hot glued onto the lid , and the USB cable - soldered to it - outing through a hole in the tin's-base.

i hope the hot glue doesn't melt.. probably not - because it doesn't reach too hot a temperature..

and for now this is the problem - how do i take the 5V from the USB and make it a 12V that the peltier unit loves so much? any ideas?...

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