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Developing : Simon game

This is an official annoucment!

Gala and I are working on a Simon game.
Simon plays a growing sequence of buttons that the player repeats.

I'm working on the code, and she's working on the graphics.
This is going to be the best game of the year.


led in a cork

A little led flashlight i owe a friend!
Made from cola cork, led, and 10 cents.
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one of the greatest ideas my mother and i thought about is actually patentable, so don't steal it :]

take a picture of your room , define the corners as X Y and Z coordinates , define what is 1 meter-long, and the software completes the rest of the lengths and sizes!!

and then, in our website, you can clear your room from furniture, and decorate it with our libraries!

we're working on it..
no publisheable sketches yet.
patent pending.


baby-plant sunshader

My mother found a self-planted Antirrhinum in our porch-garden.

She came up with an idea of keeping it from too much sunlight, using a little umbrella.

We grooved notches in an old plastic-cup, and place it on the plant!

It's held tight to the earth, and gives just the right amount of sunlight.

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bonf mentioned to me that oredering food to office employees can be a dangerously stressful experience, dealt daily by many people around the world.
i came up with an idea for an internet-based solution for "voting" for food.



The pinaoDuino is a Street-Gadget i've been thinking about for a long while.
It's a large piano-keys carpet, put in the street. When people walk on it and step on the keys, they actually close switches. The switches close a selective circuit, that sends resistance values to the arduino. The arduino manipulates the resistance values to correlated bytes. Bytes are sent via serial port to a C# program, that reads the byte and sounds the relative *.wav file.
It is meant to be friendly and nice - for people who walk on it in the street on a friday. One who really likes the experience - can have a video/picture of him sent to his cellphone via bluetooth.

To sum up:
person's foot ==> carpet switches ==> resistor array ==> arduino ==> PC ==> loudspeakers ==> happiness.

/* ‎‎16/‎09/‎08 00:22:07
* pianoDuino
* This is the Arduino code for the pianoDuino
* Idea is to put a carpet in the street that when peoeple walk on - plays a note.
* Build from an arrray of transistors - every time one is used
* The arduino reads the resistor and understands which resistor is used - by ranges.
* every resistor generates a different serial message, which is sent to the PC.
* 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 will tell a C# program to play notes (*.wavs)
* 0 is silence - therefore it is the default serial message.
* 4nur nachman eytan
* http://nurne.blogspot.com
* nurnur@Gmail.com*/

int inputPin = 0; // input pin for the resistors array
int val = 0; // resistor values
byte valToPc = 0; // byte sent to the PC
int boundOne = 0; // first bound range
int boundTwo = 256; // second bound range
int boundThree = 512; // third bound range
int boundFour = 768; // fourth bound range
int boundFive = 1023; // fifth bound range
int threshLow = 10; // bottom threshold
int threshHigh = 1010; // top threshhold

void setup()
beginSerial(9600); // begin serial communication at 9600 baud

void loop()
val = analogRead(inputPin); // read the value from resistors array
if ( val > threshLow && val < threshHigh ) // if resistor is in test range
if ( val <= boundFive && val >= boundFour) // if resistor is in 5-4 range
valToPc = 1; // msg to pc 1
serial.Println(valToPc); // send it on serial
delay(100) // wait, to avoid overload
if ( val <= boundFour && val >= boundThree) // if resistor is in 4-3 range
valToPc = 2; // msg to pc 2
serial.Println(valToPc); // send it on serial
delay(100) // wait, to avoid overload
if ( val <= boundThree && val >= boundTwo) // if resistor is in 3-2 range
valToPc = 3; // msg to pc 3
serial.Println(valToPc); // send it on serial
delay(100) // wait, to avoid overload
if ( val <= boundTwo && val >= boundOne) // if resistor is in 2-1 range
valToPc = 4; // msg to pc 4
serial.Println(valToPc); // send it on serial
delay(100) // wait, to avoid overload
valToPc = 0; // msg pc - o - back to silence
serial.Println(valToPc); // send it on serial
delay(100) // wait, to avoid overload


cool status bars

nicely-shaped status bars, with special graphics and colours.

it's actually just a cut-out of a figure, with a status-bar running inside it!

no sketches, but can anybody think of a way for making these?


click away

keyboard clicks you to a headache?..
other students look at you with the stink-eye for clicking too strong and fast during lectures?

i thought of special surface that is placed on the pc-keyboard and stops the click sounds.

no skteches yet..


2 mice action!

we got..

2 hands,
2 hemispheres,
but only 1 pc-mouse.

that doesn't add up!

maybe mainly graphic software users can find it useful to use 2 pc-mice!!

maybe with a special driver..


cellphone PC mouse

laptop touch-pad is not enough, and u need a local solution for a mouse?

why not use your camera-phone as the optical-sensor, and the * and # keys as right and left buttons?

a cellphone applet takes frequent pictures of the surface, understands what directions was the phone moved, and sends the outcome to the PC, which reacts with a little driver or software!

someone tried it, but he closed the source, and didn't update it for a long while..

no sketches yet..


The Real Incredible Machine

Remember TIM? the brilliant game that gives you some devices and a mission to move something from point A to B?
Devices are mouse-wheel-powered engines, cog-wheels and such..

my idea is to make a REAL version of that game: real devices (without mice,though..), with mission-cards, all arranged on a special playground that holds it together..

no sketches yet.

Mizi Sroch

My black cat loves playing with red strings and shoelaces.

i thuoght of a microswitch system and solenoid that would play with her when i'm occupied.
everytime the string is pulled, the microswitch is closed, and the solenoid makes the string jump!

no sketches yet..



i wrote an instructable about making the SudoKube - a Rubik's Cube with a sudoku puzzle!

it's very difficult....
but fun to make!


NewMsg LED

Do you know that feeling of your pocket vibrating or ringing, eventough you didn't get a new SMS?
my solution for that, is a LED pin that lights up when u get a new message to your cellphone..
it needs a BlueTooth interface, and a dedicated cellphone applet..

LEDs are very beautiful as clothes-pins. It is like a small jewel! in addition, LEDs have integrated pins!

this is beautiful - http://ignaciopilotto.wordpress.com/2008/09/03/swarovski-led-sutil-energies/

no graphic sketch or prototype yet...

Strap pc-keyboard

I was born in '89. Maybe that's my inspiratior for a pc-keyboard with a strap.

this guy explains how..

Arcade around your Room!

Take a picture of your room , define the corners, and start playin arcade games with an eye-toy!!

tetris, space invaders, and such...

not graphic sketch or prototype yet..

Grapefruit protector

Every Grapefruit-eater is familiar with an occasional acidic spray to the eyes..

i came up with an idea : a trasparent plastic shield that is put above the grapefruit.
there is space for the hands, and the eyes are kept secure!

no graphic sketch or prototype yet...


DIY Office Supply Games

For 2 months in a military office, and 2 weeks in my grandmother's architects' office, I've come up with a number of office-supplies games.. such that can be played while working.
And if somebody would research playing during work - I'm sure he finds that it improves work.
  • pen 22-Gun: chew paper and spit it through an empty pen pipe.
  • Jumping Mozart: two jumbo paper clips (those black triangles with 2 handles) - one clipping the second, with a rubber band around. push it down and think why it's named after Wolfgang Amadeus..
  • Hack-a-chat: choose a bored victim from the office ; run cmd.exe ; write command " net send [IP NUMBER] [MESSAGE] " ; a message box pops up on victim's screen. you may find the command useful for chat. (example command: net send hello how are you?)
  • 10-J Submarines: design frames around 10x10 boxly-minimized cells in excel. Assign a letter from A-J to each row and a number from 1-10 to each of the columns. Copy and paste that table again a few cells down. save. email to a bored companion. the Top table is the player's (*top secret*) submarine map, and the Bottom table shows the attempts to strike the enemy's submarines. Each player places his submarines on his top table - by setting the cell's background to a color (yellow is good). Each player's Battalion is composed of: 6 cells long Nuclear mega-submarine ; 5 cells Electronic-Intelligence sub ; 4 cells Torpedo launching sub ; 3 cells tech-Crew sub ; 2 x 2 cells Commanders' subs. [it just means that you mark the number of cells]. submarines can be placed horizontally or vertically.Email (or pop-up hehe) the enemy your bombing location, in the form of "F3" and "C7".. the enemy then replies: "Hit" or "Miss" and sends his bomb. (If Hit - mark X in bombed cell. If Miss - write O.) Mark X where the enemy hit you. The game ends when a player's battalion is sunken.
  • Clip-Necklace: find a pack of paper clips, and try to enchain them one to the other in the shortest time.
  • White Wedding: punch a lot of holes in an old piece of paper. take out all the paper rings and sprinkle on your favorite colleague!
  • Xerox Peacock: make 10 Xerox-copies of a nice composition of rubber bands and pencils. staple the copies one on the other with a little offset (like a hand-held paper fan) - and you have a female-attracting tail! color it for extra attractiveness!
  • Mr. Rubber Head: take a rubber eraser, stick paper clips as limbs, and bent staples and such as face- expressions!!
  • Laugh Table: Print a table with names of the funny people who work with you. Every time somebody says something funny - give him a point! First funny to get 5 points get a prize!
there's plenty more... and a lot to make up..... DIY Office Games is a highly-innovative area of development..
I hope you like the small list of ideas above!

Don't get the Sick Office Syndrome! :]


sleeping @ base?

Sleeping @ base?
I do. In extra-short notice!

I came up with a way to cut the use in plastic bags as soap-bottle-guards.
Stack 'em up, one on the other, separated with knots!

It's good for you,
Good for the country,
And good for the environment.

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the dog-poo catcher (ver 0.0.1)

i'm working on a nail-holder gadget, that helps hammering a nail to the wall.
by mistake, i came up with a nice trap mechanism, that can catch a Majorette toy-car in a split second, on a hard flat surface.
i now want to develop it to a level of catching dog-poo on a sidewalk, and being environmentally friendly.

behold the 0.0.1 version

[sorry. video erased !] thanks bonfil

oh.. and i got an eeepc!!!

a few days ago i bought myself an asus eeepc 4gb surf
it's super tiny fun!!
with the help of "moshe" WLAN i get connected to the internet very well-ly
i still didn't get used to linux, i don't know neither any commands nor how to install softwar :'/

Bluetooth s60 Python Blackjack on SF.net

My project registration for SourceForge.net has been approved.

Project Information:

Project Descriptive Name: Bluetooth s60 Python Blackjack
Project Unix Name: btpys60bjack
CVS Server: btpys60bjack.cvs.sourceforge.net
Shell Server: shell.sourceforge.net
Web Server: btpys60bjack.sourceforge.net

btpys60bjack is a blackjack game. simple. developed in Python. for Nokia Series60 smartphones. gathers players via Bluetooth. players invite neighbours with an sms to download software. Open-source, free, friendly, intuitive. join me in developing?


did i go nuts?

i'm not sure i can show myself in uniform
but i think it's good to share
and it's digital, so it's not legally valid...

i took it one time i got crazy
in the storage i used to keep.
it's all made in one shot,
and edited with my cellphone's video editor (nokia 6120 classic).
i added some sounds in the end that didn't mix well,
but i hope the story gets by!


Adams theremin!

Herr Adams, my girlfriend's grandfather, sent me a theremin kit!
it works on 4069 and 4016 chips.
i still didn't get that to work, because i lacked some time and were in the Negev.
now that i'm back in Tel-Aviv, i can continue! :)

edi-pple ring

edible ring from an apple!
i cut myself an apple, and noticed some scrap apple in a convenient form!
for the sake and holiness of marriage!

forbidden pizza, forbidden apple pie

Nisso, the baker from Nevatim IAF base, and I - made pizzas!!! with meaty tools; in dairy containers; in a Parve room!!!! but that's a secret..
the following day , i made apple pie!

Cellphone macro lens

Tzach brought me a broken digital camera, and while trying to impossibly fix it, i found out that the viewfinder holds cool little magnifying lenses!
i put it on my cellphone cam and had fun!

without the macro lense:

with the macro lense:

CD case amplifier

this is an audio amplifier that i extracted from a normal PC Speaker set.
i put the amplifier and it's inverter in a CD box, glued them on plastic support legs - to keep me from further electrocution, and soldered the output leads to a terminal to which the speakers' cords are attached.
the amplifier is good for 8ohm speakers, but it amplifies very well and works on 16ohm speakers i found in the street.

White Throne

from a training bicycle that i found in the street, i took the Fancy pimpi chair. i put it on my drum throne - instead of the original round chair.
isn't it cool?

PAKAL Photographer

i made cardboard film-frames for my friends who were called to the colors (=recruited to the IDF)

it says: "Do not get involved. don't take a part and don't be an actor. Be the Photographer."

the frame lets the newly-recruited look at very weird situations, without being hurt somehow. if it's through a film frame, thus it's a movie - everything is possible..
it has a camouflage strap - so the recruited can tie it to army pants for easy and quick draw.
caution! the film-frame does not work in emergency situations, such as being under fire!

this is not a singer!

i confiscated a PFAFF sewing machine from my girlfriend

the sewing machine didn't work, and was covered in dust

i just cleaned it and repaired it!

there was a broken cogwheel, so i super glued it into proper shape


HHH: harasing headphone holder

I cut out a cellphone headphone holder from some cardboard i had on my table. The design resembles some kind of creature, with 4 limbs, a head and erect genitalia.. Thus, the HHH is harasing :)
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Water me man on MAKEzine.com!!!

Ben sent Makezine.com a proposal to post my Water me Man - and they did!!

that made me really happy - to see my "Low-Tech Plant Watering Indicator" on the Make homepage.. i used my cellphone's internet browser from my Army-Training camp and showed all my friends there!!

the post on Makezine.com brought a lot of people to see my blog. it jumped to more that 1200 visits (from 2 a day, which are apparently me :)

in addition, i got a lot of comments and recommendations on my blog post!

in two additional websites there is a mention to my Plant Watering Indicator:
a Gerdeners' portal: "fun for a techie person!! :)"
and a Marijuana-Growers' portal: "the person that made it actually used his head!"

that makes me really really happy, and i am honored.


Water me, Man!!!

today i started building the 'Water me, man!',
which is a man-figure made out of wire and componants,
that has it's feet in a plants' soil, and it's head glows when the plant needs water.

the idea is to make a plant-watering-indicator that costs very little money..
this one consists of +- 5 components : a battery, 2 resistors, 1 transistor, an LED, and wires..
which means MAX MAX MAX of 1.5$. (if every components is 1 shekel..)

it works on simplified TTL NOT gate:
\\\ if 'moisture' (current between probes) < 'threshold' (set by resistors' values)
\\\ then LED=glow.

the sketches + schematics!:

the alien in position:

i will build it again, with a new battery (this one is already finished from all the games..), and capsulate it in an transparent capsule - open-source proper. then it really will look more HUMAN.


4017 LED chaser

after a long long long time.. i finally built an LED chaser, as instructed here:

in the beginning i used the 4093 astable , but it didn't work properly..
so after some trial and error, i succeeded!
i gave up the 4093 astable, and only used the 4017, with it's "reset", "clock" and "enable" wires free of contacts!

a video


i tried to make a foxhole radio with "things you have at home" that i didn't really have at home, so i had to use the real things at home. maybe that's the reason why it didn't work :)



i want to build a real frogger game.

by placing 3 (more\less) opposite-moving surfaces, that has majorette model-cars on it.

here's an X-ray perspective.
(the GarageGeeks build a real pacman - http://www.fuel.tv/BlockedColon/photos/view/4972 )

I found a VCR in the street

and took it apart

it has a very very cool control-panel

that i want to take apart and make a Cubase control-panel

with a shuttle [FF and rewind], play\pause\stop, and record!

influenced with this maybe

my girlfriend's cola-ruined sony ccd trv27e pal

it records, but doesn't play right. i think it's a loose tape problem..

i just need a plug, on which the tape runs - and then the tape will run properly. i think..


I got my futurelec order!! after only 5 days waiting, i got a big package from Thailand! (i thought they were australian..?)
now i have all the basic electronic componants i need to build some of the things i want to build!!
and in only +-150 shekel (=40-50$US)


i put a very convex lens on my cellphone's camera, and it produced super-macro closeups :)
here are a strawberry, a decoration from my minichristmastree, my finger(print), and mizi's (my cat) nose!


Just ordered some electronic-components Value Packs from Futurelec.com!
it cost me about 160 shekels (40$ US +-)
and with these i can finally build most of the things i want to..

although i like scavenging old components, and re-use them, it's not so easy.
it does not mean that my ideas works and products become ungreen, or more polluting, because the main idea is technology for the people, without ruining the planet.

all open source. all DIY. all cheap. all free. all commentable. all self-taught. all community-based.

when the value packs arrive, i can MAKE SUSTAINABLE.


i wanna make a "water me man"

i want to make a "water me man" - which is a moisture-dependent LED.

a lit LED means "water me!!!"

the moisture-sensoring can be detected with 2-prods' resistence measurement and:

if Resistance>(preset value) then lit LED.

with the arduino i think it's pretty easy... but what i want to build is a simple enough electronics - that it can be very cheap

chip? naa... it's a very simple circuit.. i saw it on RadioShack's Electronics booklet BenBonfil gave me - it's just that i didn't buy any futurelec goodie-bags yet!!! waiting for the salary i guess..

Meine Tomaten!!!!

when i was working on my BIODA for the Biology bagrut, i planted some tomatoes.

all of them died because of aphids(?)..

but a few weeks ago suddenly a MASSIVE TOMATO sprouted !!

so - evolutionwise - it's the strongest, fastest, bestest, smartest of all seeds that happened to get to the ground!!

i dream of the day in which i will taste the fruit!!!

picture by Gala Dolezal (C)

i woke up.. and had A THIRD HAND!!!

actually i had to ride my bikes (that's green) to the Bazaar (green, too) in Dizengoff Square and then get my third hand..

so cooool.... here it is

(gala i owe you 80 shekels!)

X-max Tree Paper Clip

This christmas I made my girlfriend a paper clip with a little Fimo christmas tree on it!!
the tree is shaped with a chocolate mold i got last christmas hehe (and that's recycling!)

Added character to my new food&inventions log

what does he say? :)

My girlfriend bought me Fred's Animation-Stickers for x-max.

So yesterday we sticked some faces on my new diary!

USB Coffe-Warmer for Tula

I made a USB Coffee Warmer for my mother

1. a Peltier unit that i extracted from a mini-fridge that i found
2. a USB Cable
3. a metal can of Kalfany Coffee bonbons

the idea was to make my mother a coffee-cup warmer that she can plug into USB while working!

I used the help of this instructable : http://www.instructables.com/id/5-Mini-USB-Fridge!/

the fridge i found


the Peltier unit:

~~update: Finished!!!~~

after buying the Kalfany coffee bonbons metal box i longed for - and eating the bonbons as much as my fellow eaters could - i could combine the components!

pretty simple..: the paltier is hot glued onto the lid , and the USB cable - soldered to it - outing through a hole in the tin's-base.

i hope the hot glue doesn't melt.. probably not - because it doesn't reach too hot a temperature..

and for now this is the problem - how do i take the 5V from the USB and make it a 12V that the peltier unit loves so much? any ideas?...


X-mas decorations

2 years ago, i made christmas decorations for my girlfriend.

her mother was abroad, so i took charge of celebrating christmas!

it's made from ping-pong balls and the balls from the Kinder Surprise toy i had at home
sprayed with silver spray-paint.
through a hole in the ball - i tied a nice christmas festive red&silver thread.

on some of the lucky decorations i added a silver christmas bell!!

merry christmas!!