Water me man on MAKEzine.com!!!

Ben sent Makezine.com a proposal to post my Water me Man - and they did!!

that made me really happy - to see my "Low-Tech Plant Watering Indicator" on the Make homepage.. i used my cellphone's internet browser from my Army-Training camp and showed all my friends there!!

the post on Makezine.com brought a lot of people to see my blog. it jumped to more that 1200 visits (from 2 a day, which are apparently me :)

in addition, i got a lot of comments and recommendations on my blog post!

in two additional websites there is a mention to my Plant Watering Indicator:
a Gerdeners' portal: "fun for a techie person!! :)"
and a Marijuana-Growers' portal: "the person that made it actually used his head!"

that makes me really really happy, and i am honored.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats dude. That's really cool. Wish you luck with your next inventions, waiting to hear about them.