the dog-poo catcher (ver 0.0.1)

i'm working on a nail-holder gadget, that helps hammering a nail to the wall.
by mistake, i came up with a nice trap mechanism, that can catch a Majorette toy-car in a split second, on a hard flat surface.
i now want to develop it to a level of catching dog-poo on a sidewalk, and being environmentally friendly.

behold the 0.0.1 version

[sorry. video erased !] thanks bonfil


ben said...

Wow !
I would remove the video though, that's a really sweet idea, I'd hate someone stealing it...

ori said...

אני הייתי שמח להשתמש באחד כזה בשביל הכלב שלי, שקיות זה לא כיף.