DIY Office Supply Games

For 2 months in a military office, and 2 weeks in my grandmother's architects' office, I've come up with a number of office-supplies games.. such that can be played while working.
And if somebody would research playing during work - I'm sure he finds that it improves work.
  • pen 22-Gun: chew paper and spit it through an empty pen pipe.
  • Jumping Mozart: two jumbo paper clips (those black triangles with 2 handles) - one clipping the second, with a rubber band around. push it down and think why it's named after Wolfgang Amadeus..
  • Hack-a-chat: choose a bored victim from the office ; run cmd.exe ; write command " net send [IP NUMBER] [MESSAGE] " ; a message box pops up on victim's screen. you may find the command useful for chat. (example command: net send hello how are you?)
  • 10-J Submarines: design frames around 10x10 boxly-minimized cells in excel. Assign a letter from A-J to each row and a number from 1-10 to each of the columns. Copy and paste that table again a few cells down. save. email to a bored companion. the Top table is the player's (*top secret*) submarine map, and the Bottom table shows the attempts to strike the enemy's submarines. Each player places his submarines on his top table - by setting the cell's background to a color (yellow is good). Each player's Battalion is composed of: 6 cells long Nuclear mega-submarine ; 5 cells Electronic-Intelligence sub ; 4 cells Torpedo launching sub ; 3 cells tech-Crew sub ; 2 x 2 cells Commanders' subs. [it just means that you mark the number of cells]. submarines can be placed horizontally or vertically.Email (or pop-up hehe) the enemy your bombing location, in the form of "F3" and "C7".. the enemy then replies: "Hit" or "Miss" and sends his bomb. (If Hit - mark X in bombed cell. If Miss - write O.) Mark X where the enemy hit you. The game ends when a player's battalion is sunken.
  • Clip-Necklace: find a pack of paper clips, and try to enchain them one to the other in the shortest time.
  • White Wedding: punch a lot of holes in an old piece of paper. take out all the paper rings and sprinkle on your favorite colleague!
  • Xerox Peacock: make 10 Xerox-copies of a nice composition of rubber bands and pencils. staple the copies one on the other with a little offset (like a hand-held paper fan) - and you have a female-attracting tail! color it for extra attractiveness!
  • Mr. Rubber Head: take a rubber eraser, stick paper clips as limbs, and bent staples and such as face- expressions!!
  • Laugh Table: Print a table with names of the funny people who work with you. Every time somebody says something funny - give him a point! First funny to get 5 points get a prize!
there's plenty more... and a lot to make up..... DIY Office Games is a highly-innovative area of development..
I hope you like the small list of ideas above!

Don't get the Sick Office Syndrome! :]

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Ink for Xerox said...

This is absolutely hilarious. You must have been bored. Bad management possibly?

I actually work in an office where we have this really great relationship between everyone and i guess our boss is really easy-going and great.
In my old office i would have done this all the time. However i am definitely going to give the chat a try i think it could be funny and the laugh table we have a part-time comedian in our office and his brother.. which is really great. These are some brilliant ideas.

Thank you!